What I "Stand Up" For

The Dust In My Shop, LLC is a veteran owned company with the main goal of giving the customer exactly what they picture in their mind when they place an order.  That main goal is a reflection of us hearing about why you want a piece.  If you are willing to share, I want to know the story behind the reason you want a created piece from us.  Is it for a retirement, does it hold meaning, or is it to show off the pride you have in something?  We have created a wide variety of pieces for military members, law enforcement, fire departments and civilians.   

I have also made it a goal that every year we help out organizations that support veterans in anyway, whether donating our my funds or our my time  a few organization.

I personally try to donate flags throughout the year to help in different times of need. Whether it is donating flags to be raffled off to help those in need, other veteran owned companies, or for special times, The Dust In My Shop, LLC has been able to help individuals and other organizations.

My goal is to one day incorporate all veteran owned businesses into everything that is put onto or into our created pieces.

Thank you for your time and support!

Anastasi Mantzouris